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JAGUAR 980-940

The crop flow.

An optimal crop flow is a major factor in determining the daily output. The crop flows in a straight line through the entire machine without any awkward angles. The crop is accelerated further at each step and is centred increasingly by the V-shaped arrangement of the knives and accelerator paddles. This results in maximum performance with minimum power consumption and makes for highly reliable operation.

JAGUAR 980-940

The crop flow.

An optimal crop flow is a major factor in determining the daily output. The crop flows in a straight line through the entire machine without any awkward angles. The crop is accelerated further at each step and is centred increasingly by the V-shaped arrangement of the knives and accelerator paddles. This results in maximum performance with minimum power consumption and makes for highly reliable operation.

The crop flow.Straight and fast.


1. Front attachment

  • Variable front attachment drive enables consistent crop flow from front attachment and intake for consistently high chop quality

2. Intake

  • Intake rollers with an opening of up to 180 mm for high throughput
  • Hydraulic precompression (optional) for excellent chop quality

  • Chopping cylinder is easily accessible thanks to QUICK ACCESS

3. V-MAX knife drum

  • V-MAX knives are attached to the cylinder by tightening the bolts until they lock; no adjustment is necessary


  • The right arrangement for a high-quality processing result

5. Flexible acceleration

  • Accelerator clearance can be set from the cab,ease of operation for high efficiency


Consistent high performance.

The intake.

The intake system of the JAGUAR is powerful, economical and can be adapted to different field conditions. The COMFORT CUT drive is integrated in the main drive train. Its advantage: variations in the engine and cylinder speed are matched by corresponding changes in the COMFORT CUT drive. This results in consistent chop quality at all times. The operator sets the required chop length in CEBIS. The chop length can also be adjusted infinitely during the harvesting process.

The advantages at a glance.

  • High-performance drive and powerful reversing
  • Infinitely variable chop length adjustment - also automatic on basis of dry matter
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to quick access to chopping assembly


Precise chopping, easy service.

The V-MAX chopping cylinder.

Four variants with no need for adjustment.

CLAAS offers four variants of the V-MAX chopping cylinders with differing knife configurations in accordance with the different market requirements.


Drum concave outlet can be adjusted separately

Automatically adjustable drum concave.

The front of the drum concave is supported on the mounting block while the rear is secured by pivot arms. As soon as the shear bar is adjusted, the drum concave is immediately positioned relative to the chopping cylinder. This arrangement ensures consistent crop delivery during the entire service life of the knives.


A sharp operator.

Shear bar is locked hydraulically.

The shear bar with the adjustment strip is attached securely to the mounting block by four bolts. In less than 60 seconds, the shear bar with the mounting block is pivoted towards the chopping cylinder which is rotating forwards. This is accomplished by the side shear bar clamp being released hydraulically before being secured again hydraulically after the adjustment procedure. In this way, the exact setting required for precise chopping is maintained reliably.

The Corncracker.

Optimal processing.

The requirements for silage chop length and processing differ widely depending on the individual farm and the purpose for which the silage is to be used. The spectrum extends from extremely short chop lengths of between 3.5 and 12 mm all the way up to the SHREDLAGE®process with lengths greater than 25 mm.


The key characteristics of the MULTI CROP CRACKER (MCC) are its rugged construction and its extremely well sealed housing. Its great advantage is its flexibility. The outstanding accessibility of the rollers allows them to be replaced by others quickly. The MCC system is available in two sizes: MCC CLASSIC M (M = Medium with a roller diameter of 196 mm) up to an engine output of 626 hp. And MCC CLASSIC L (L = Large with a roller diameter of 250 mm) for all models from the JAGUAR 950 with 585 hp upwards.

    JAGUAR 900

    MCC CLASSIC: conventional, chop lengths from 3.5 to 12 mm

    The conventional MCC CLASSIC is equipped with the familiar sawtooth profile and operates as standard with a speed differential of 30%. This system is used successfully for harvesting short maize for applications such as biogas facilities, but also for the production of silage as feed for dairy cattle and for bull fattening. Other rollers with a different number of teeth are used in markets where there is a greater need for long-chopped maize silage. The required degree of silage processing is achieved by increasing the speed differential.

  • MCC MAX.
    JAGUAR 900

    MCC MAX: universal, short and long chop lengths from 7 to 22 mm

    The MCC MAX rollers have been developed to process maize silage with chop lengths between 7 and 22 mm. They consist of 30 annular segments with a sawtooth profile. The arrangement and special geometry of the annular segments ensure that the crop is processed not only by crushing and friction, but also by cutting and shearing forces. This allows more intensive processing of the maize kernels and also produces a fibrous breakdown of the stalk fragments.

    When compared with conventional corncrackers, the range of applications for the MCC MAX covers much greater chop lengths and types of dry matter, while still delivering very high-quality processing results. The MCC MAX provides contractors, machinery rings and farms with a new technical solution which allows them to meet the most diverse customer requirements for forage processing.

    JAGUAR 900

    MCC SHREDLAGE®: extremely long chop lengths from 26 to 30 mm

    SHREDLAGE®, a technology which was developed in the US and for which CLAAS has now acquired the licence, is an intensive maize silage conditioning system in the extremely long chop length range of 26 to 30 mm. Operating with a speed differential of 50%, the SHREDLAGE® rollers have a sawtooth profile into which a counterdirectional spiral groove has also been cut. In this way, the MCC SHREDLAGE® is able to grind the maize kernels thoroughly and chop up the cob fragments completely.

    Leaves are well shredded and the stalk material in particular is subjected to a lateral effect by the spiral groove which causes the bark to be rubbed off the stalk. At the same time, the soft inner core is split lengthways.

    SHREDLAGE® in action.

    Further information is available at shredlage.claas.com.

  • Corncracker overview.
    JAGUAR 900


This is how easy precise offloading can be.


Acceleration the energy-saving way.

The accelerator is ideally positioned in the JAGUAR for optimum performance of its task. The crop flow does not have to negotiate any awkward angles and is centred by the V-shaped accelerator paddles. This reduces the energy requirement and wear to the side walls.

AUTO FILL. Right on target - now also to the rear.

AUTO FILL. Automatic control of the discharge spout. Now also with rear discharging.

AUTO FILL is based on digital 3D image analysis. The system takes care of controlling the discharge spout for you. With AUTO FILL, discharging to the rear is now also automated.

In the past, the AUTO FILL function enabled automated discharging from the forage harvester to a trailer running alongside. With the new "Side Rear" AUTO FILL function, automated discharging from the forage harvester is now possible not only to the side but also to a trailer behind the forage harvester – perfect when starting chopping or dividing fields.

In chopping start-up mode, you can easily choose whether you wish discharging to take place to the side or the rear. For automatic filling to the rear, only the desired impact point needs to be specified.

For the AUTO FILL variant, the JAGUAR is equipped with LED swivelling spout lighting. This means that it is also possible to work in the dark
while reducing the operator's workload.